The 5th International Conference of ESPAnet Poland "Demographic change, public finance, social services: Bermuda Triangle of social policy?"

will be held at the Warsaw School of Economics (building C, al. Niepodleglosci 128), from 26th to 28th September 2018.

The Conference is organized by Institute of Social Economy, Warsaw School of Economics.

Organising Committee:
Piotr Błędowski
Izabela Buchowicz
Ewa Cichowicz
Paweł Kubicki
Sylwia Timoszuk

in English: Sylwia Timoszuk tel. +48 512 748 274
in Polish: Paweł Kubicki tel. +48 601 072 283

2018 | Espanet Poland
Institute of Social Economy
Warsaw School of Economics
ul. Wisniowa 41, p. 66d
02-520 Warsaw